Pegasus XRL (1.61) Readme

This Readme accompanies Pegasus XRL (1.61), July 2014.

The existing XRL installation must be removed before installing XRL (1.61). Please follow the instructions in the installation guide which is included on the XRL CD.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader must be installed before you can view the guide. You can install the latest version from

What's New in This Release

This release includes these changes:

         Payroll database tables and fields for NOW: Pensions (available in both Opera 3 (2.13) and Opera II (7.33))

         Payroll database tables and fields for salary sacrifice (available in Opera 3 (2.13) only)

         Nominal Ledger database tables and fields for journals

         VAT Data collection now available for Summary Links.

If you are upgrading from a version before Pegasus XRL (1.60):

         You cannot use the existing LSDATABASE file (which retains serialisation and user details). Installations that use an LSDATABASE file that was created before Pegasus XRL (1.60) will not be supported

         You must re-serialise using a new key provided with the software

         You must re-enter user details.

XRL is powered by Infor Query & Analysis (10.1.5)

Document Version: 1.00 July 2014