Training & Support

At CK Systems our philosophy regarding training is that there is a no “one size fits all” approach Our approach is to tailor a training schedule direct to your needs.

To achieve this we attempt to undertake all product training on your site and data for comfort and relevance. First steps are to meet to discuss your requirements in detail and produce an agreed schedule for implementation. Training is provided for core products and bespoke also.

Update/Module Training

Throughout the year Pegasus Software Ltd release update versions to their OPERA accounting software. Historically we have discussed these software updates on a one-to-one basis.
We have decided to guage whether our end-users would prefer a ‘global’ update held at our offices at six monthly intervals (dependant on the frequency of releases) or a general module training session again at our premises (this would be ‘refresher’ type training focusing on functionality that you may not be using that could be a benefit to you).

If you are interested in either of these options please choose the relevant button.